In 1998 we had a Dream!

In 1998 we had a Dream!

A dream which was bold, different and unheard of. Our dream was to build, not buy, a facility which was at it’s very core to educate. Not a facility that was just used for the sake of using or to fill because it was there, but a facility that at its very being was to inspire self guided education. Not educating about maths and science, even though these are important, but about educating to achieve real life outcomes.

Who we are, how we react, how we behave, who we interact with and most of all why?

We spent numerous years talking, discussing, deciding the about who, how and where to build such a bold dream the why had been set in concrete long ago. In 2006 a chance circumstance and the start of our dream met and we purchased the land where this dream could be built. In Woodford, Queensland.?By this stage we had thrown our backpack over the wall we were committed to build the dream, so we started down the long road.

We started with a blank canvas consisting of a huge open paddock. Bit by bit we chipped away, personally driving nails into buildings, pouring concrete, building gardens and adventure based activities.?We grew organically, no harsh business chemicals of huge unobtainable bank loans, no investors, no government funding, no backing from schools or church groups here.

Who we are
This is ours!

This is ours!

Crazy I hear you say! It was on everyone’s lips and still is to this day. In the past two years we have worked longer and harder and longer then we have in the past. Now I mean hard. We have sacrificed things that other take for granted. We have watched friends and family travel, have holidays, take long service leave, buy items we too could have bought, if we had not chosen this dream. But without this dream we would not have succeeded. We would not have grown. We would not be as strong, as we have become today.

Could we have done it different? Sure.

Could we have built it faster? Absolutely.

Could we have done it better? Absolutely not.

Everything that was in our heads back in 1998 is now real. Every building is how we envisaged back in 1998. Every garden is finally in the right location. Every activity is now in the ideal position. Every Client we have is of the caliber we outlined back in 1998. The outcomes we provide are what we penciled back in 1998. Since 1998 this has been our dream. Since 1998 we have funded the dream. Since 1998 we have build our dream. The we I discuss is my beautiful wife Christy and since 2007 our son Jacob. We are a family business.



Everything that was in our heads back in 1998