Preparing for school camp can be exciting but terrifying for both you and your child.

Talking to them about attending can help you find out more about their feelings about it. For many children, the fun of camp is overshadowed by concerns. Whilst some may bound off to camp without worry, many will need some extra support to see past their worries, to the fun that lies beyond. 

So, what practical steps can you take to prepare your child for camp, so they too can benefit from all that camp has to offer?

1. Browse through the website, Find out as much as you can about the camp. At Adventure Alternatives we have created personalised websites for every program we facilitate. These websites have videos and all of the information necessary to prepare you and your child for camp with us. Familiarity builds confidence.

2. Practice independent skills at home. Build your child’s confidence in their ability to care for themselves by practicing self-care skills. Like applying sunscreen and doing their own hair.

3. Make packing fun! Let your child be responsible for planning, gathering and checking off items that are needed for camp. Having your child pack their own bag also ensures they know what is in it and where to find things. 

4. Practice sleepovers. Your child is much more likely to feel positively about sleeping away from home if they have had success doing so in the past.  Arrange sleepovers at a friend or relatives home in the lead up to camp. 




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Maybe it is not your Child that is scared!

Maybe it isn't your child that is anxious, but it is YOU! Remain Positive! Parental instincts urge you to reassure your child that if something goes wrong, you will be there in a heartbeat. Rather than focusing on worries, focus on how much fun they will have and how exciting it will be. Try avoiding negative thoughts and phrases.

Let them experience the good, the bad and the somewhat scary situations for themself to help them develop their own independence and problem-solving skills. At Adventure Alternatives  camp is not learning about how to mountain bike or climb the highest obstacle. Camp is about independence, self-confidence, cooperation, positive attitudes, connection with nature, resilience, leadership and a healthy mind and body!

Help set your child up for success by helping prepare them for a fantastic experience!


School Camps are memorable occasions that will create memories forever. 
Prepare your child so they can have the time of their lives!



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