From a young age, it’s vital for us to be able to explore the outdoors and feed our imagination. In a world that increasingly operates online and indoors, the danger is that we can lose connection with the natural world and this has serious future implications.

The Australian Curriculum recognises the importance of outdoor learning and provides a strong rationale for its place in education. Each of our camp programs work towards developing students across all of the general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum with a specific focus on critical and creative thinking; ethical behaviour; personal and social competence; and intercultural understanding. Each program has been mapped to the specific general capabilities addressed by the programs core learning’s and outcomes. While specific cross-curriculum priorities are embedded into the ethos of each camp program. The reach of Outdoor Education is extensive and has the ability to provide long-term classroom-based results.




The 8 Benefits of Outdoor Education

1. Independence

Through Outdoor Education students learn from their own strengths and weaknesses and persist in extending beyond their own self-imposed limitations to bring success in the most challenging of situations. Through successfully facing up to challenges, overcoming their fears and apprehensions students will make major strides in personal achievement and confidence.

2. Self confidence and self esteem

Outdoor Education will release students from the tensions and complexities of modern life and find neutral ground upon which they can develop their own set of values and attitudes. Students will learn about themself to enhance and strengthen their own self concept, self efficiency and improve their own self expression.

3. Cooperation and Team building

Students will become aware of the needs and the contribution of others to sustain effective relationships while on camp and in every aspect of of their life. Students will learn to trust, care, be tolerant and be willing to give and accept support from others as they partake in adventurous activities.

4. Positive attitude

Outdoor education will enable students to learn to enjoy, relax, excite and express themself and their positive thoughts will prevail. Students will gain a positive opt in and can do attitude and will be in control of their own emotions, motivation and have greater connection with their achievements.

5. Connection with nature

Through being in the outdoors students will learn to appreciation, awe, wonder and respect the outdoors and it will bring them closer to nature, themself and others. Familiarity with the outdoors will reduce their fear of the unknown and bring recognition of the part they play in the natural environment.

6. Resilience

Students will tackle new challenges head on and will learn to relished the unknown and not shun away from them. Students will harness the ability to bounce back from setbacks or challenges with confidence and optimism.

7. Leadership

Outdoor Education will teach students to lead others by first leading themselves. Students will learn to be confident of the direction they propose, the action they take, and learn to engendered trust in others. As a leader they will empower and inspire others to unite towards a common goal.

8. Healthy Mind & Body

Being in the outdoors is great for students physical and mental health and wellbeing. Participating in outdoor activities will bring them strength, coordination, balance, and cardiovascular endurance. It will also improve their immunity and overall productivity. Being outdoors and participating in outdoor activities improves students critical thinking and enhances their cognitive skills.

At Adventure Alternatives we want individuals to explore, discover the marvel at the environment we adventure in and find comfort in the unknown. These experiences are delivered in a manner which best matches the needs of the individual groups with carefully sequenced age appropriate activities. During these experiences they will be exposed to an array of experiential adventure based activities which will push their comfort zone, will make them laugh… and cry, will challenge their resilience and will encourage their independence and interdependence.


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