We care about you, your students and the positive impact camp can have on your school community. So how do we show you that we care?

By using 5 key aspects to successful camp design.


1. Connection to the National Curriculum to accelerate learning

Have you ever attended a school camp and you left tired with a smile, but that’s as far as it went?

At Adventure Alternatives, each of our camp programs have been mapped to the National Curriculum. From the General Capabilities to the Subjects, Strands & our specific Elaborations of how we apply the curriculum to our camps. By taking part in our outdoor education programs you and your students will have fun while maximising learning opportunities to provide long-term classroom results.

2. Sequential Camp Programming to create a safe uplifting environment

As you’d know, the most successful learning is based on a sound foundation and then a scaffolding approach. We do the same thing by providing programming that is sequential and strategic to ensure each school camp meets the needs of the each participant’s stage of development, age appropriateness of activities and group readiness. We then prescribe the most appropriate activities, challenges and adventures. Participants don’t get bored, they don’t burn out or have a mis-adventure from undertaking adventurous activities that are beyond their mental or physical ability. Students will be surrounded by a safe uplifting environment and one that’s sure to stretch their thinking and fast track their learning.


3. Small group ratios & Same Instructor for duration of camp to maximise student success

Ever wondered how to manage 25 to 30 students outdoors and everyone still gets a turn in the activity? It doesn’t work! That is why we run group ratios of 15 to 18 students in each camp group with an instructor and a teacher from your school. This group ratio enables a safe, enjoyable and practical balance between the management of group condition, behaviour, readiness and school budgets. We also ensure the group has the same instructor for the entire camp. Small group ratios and having a consistent instructor ensures students are actively participating, engaged and have maximum potential to succeed. It also ensures that we meet the Australian Activity Standards and the safety of your students is not compromised.

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4. Longer activity times to amplify learning

Ever felt that camp was centred around eating and activities were just there to fill in time to the next meal. Ever felt like you just needed a little bit more time to enable introverted students to step up or enough time for the group to truly bond. At Adventure Alternatives we ensure we have long activity timeframes of 4 hours that allows ample time to enable the group to brief the activity, experience it and debrief the activity to extract the important aspects of why students undertake the activity and what learnings they can take to school, home and life. The activities chosen for each program are used as a tool to get to the “why” and not just as an adventure activity in its own right. Past experience shows long activity times creates space for going deeper into an activity to extract all positive outcomes individually and collectively as a team.

5. 100% exclusive use for your school to build community

We understand that schools don’t want to share facilities with other schools. Mixing genders, different age levels and school values/beliefs are not in the best interest of a positive camp experience. It can be disruptive and breaks down the cohesion and sense of community. That is why when you are with us you have exclusive use of our centre 24 hours a day for only your school because we care about you achieving the outcomes you have set for your camp.

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