How are we different?

General Capabilities

Connection to the National Curriculum

Each of our camp programs work towards developing students across all of the general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum with a specific focus on critical and creative thinking; ethical behaviour; personal and social competence; and intercultural understanding. Each program has been mapped to the specific general capabilities addressed by the programs core learnings and outcomes. While specific cross-curriculum priorities are embedded into the ethos of each camp program. The reach of Outdoor Education is extensive and has the ability to provide long-term classroom-based results.
Whole School Sequential

Sequential Camp Programing

We provide programing that is sequential and strategic in approach to ensure each school camp meets the needs of the each participant’s stage of development, age appropriateness of activities and group readiness and then prescribes the most appropriate activities, challenges and adventures. Participants don’t get bored; they don’t burn out or have a mis-adventure from undertaking adventurous activities that are beyond their mental or physical ability.

Effective group ratios to maximise student success

We run group ratios of 15 to 18 students in each group with an instructor and a teacher from your school. This group ratio enables a safe, enjoyable and practical balance between the management of group condition, behaviour, readiness and school budgets. If there is any less than 15 students safety on team activities and burn out are an issue and any more than 18 and the social cohesion of the group and behaviour starts to break down and students activity time is reduced.

Long activity times to amplify learning

We have long activity timeframes of 4 hours that allows ample time to enable the group to brief the activity, experience it and debrief the activity to extract the important aspects of why students undertake the activity and what learnings they can take to school, home and life. The activities chosen for each program are used as a tool to get to the “why” and not just as an adventure activity in its own right.

We care about you and your students

We care for the students, we care for the teachers, we care about the outcomes we provide and we care for our staff whom deliver amazing experiences for the students because we understand what it takes to develop the child in our care. We care enough to connect our programs to the National Curriculum. We care enough to make our program age appropriate so it is achievable but challenging. We care enough to make each year level camp sequential so that it builds on previous camps, is engaging and new. We care enough to implement time saving processes pre-camp to reduce your workload, as we know how much time it takes to organise camp.

Our Service to you

Organising your school camp can be a daunting and time consuming experience for you. Let us take the worry out of organising camp and the administrative burden by offering:

Pre-camp presentation for students, teachers and parents at the school

Personalised school camp webpage to disseminate all of your camp information for students and parents

Online camp permission form

Online camp medical and dietary form that automatically collates all of the information into one spreadsheet

Student camp group allocation based on house group, physical challenge level or food allergies and sent to you for review

Online student survey post-camp to evaluate successful outcomes

Feedback meeting post-camp with you, your staff or Principal to evaluate the student survey, teacher feedback forms and improvements for next year's camp

We make a Difference.

Experiential learning techniques, diverse learning environments and structured, sequential program

ensure a scaffolding approach to student learning whilst on school camp with us.

On Camp

Develop themselves and their thinking skills.

Connection with Nature.

Building Resilience.

At school

Develop culture and community.

Connection with the National Curriculum.

Develop critical & creative thinking.

At Home

Develop positive attitude.

Develop self confidence and self esteem.

Develop independence.