Centre-Based School Camp Program:

a safe and rewarding environment to build individuals both personally and collectively as part of a group.

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Why Centre-based Camps?

A Centre-Based program is particularly good for younger groups who many have not slept away from home before, have not been on camp before or may require a more formal sleeping arrangement to achieve the best outcomes while on camp.


  • Long activity timeframes which allows for ample time to get to the important aspects of why students are on camp.
  • The activities chosen for each program are used as a tool to get to the “why” and not just as an adventure activity in its own right.
  • The diversity of activities available for a centre-based program is greater than that for expedition as there are many additional built outdoor education activities.
  • High ropes, low ropes, flying fox, glider possum to name a few.

Centre-based programs are primarily run from our Education Centre at Woodford or Kenilworth Campuses, Queensland. Our Education Campuses are ideally located close to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast so you aren’t wasting time travelling to the program. You can be on the ground doing activities before most of the school is in their first lesson.

This campuses have been specifically designed for Outdoor Education. Each aspect of the building design of each of the facilities incorporates passive education of students. For example, the use of a hot water boiler and canvas shower bags for hot showers enables students to learn about convection currents and water conservation, while rain water tanks and effluent treatment systems on-site teach students about water cycles. T

“The activities were well set up, challenging and safe. Staff were great with the students. Meals were well organised” (Year 8, Immanuel Lutheran College)

” Some clear processes for helping the girls develop their own resilience”

(Year 9 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School)

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