Expedition School Camp program:

is the ultimate developmental tool for Outdoor Education…This is where the wheels hit the road.

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Why Expedition Programs?

If you want to affect long term change within individuals then, a multi-day expedition-style program will do just that and more. Removing students from their daily lives and putting them in the outdoors, gives them the opportunity to rewire their brains. When students can reconnect with the natural world, they get a chance to slow down and recharge.


  • Long time frames allowing time for debriefing and skill development.
  • Journey-based experiences helps students to build resilience and personal connections through personal challenges.
  • Opportunities that help student to overcome Nature Deficit Disorder by working to a different time schedule.
  • Working with peers which allows for deeper friendships to be formed.

Expedition Programs can be run in multiple locations and environments, with either rotation-based or through-based adventures. These programs allow the individual to learn and grow through pure experiential experiences which will push them and reward them in a manner which can not be achieved in the classroom environment.

A journey-based experience, when shared between peers, creates long lasting memories and builds strong friendships through that shared experience. Expedition Programs can be purely hiking-based, purely mountain biking, or a combination of both. The programs can be focused about the journey with students travelling via foot or bike through the bush to a particular destination or the days can consist of travelling for half of the day and combined with an initiative activity to concentrate on a specific goal for the group. Contact us to find out how your program goals can be incorporated into an expedition program.

“Great instructors and staff. Always keen to help. Both students and staff knew exactly what was to happen – well organised”. (Year 7 Fraser Coast Anglican College)

“Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for looking after the teachers and catering for our needs”. (Year 9 Stuartholme School)

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