Whole School Sequential Outdoor Education Program:

Runs from year 5 to year 11 with a great combination of centre-based and expedition  programs to target key areas which affect each stage of youth development.

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Why a Sequential Outdoor Education Program?

The Sequential Program has been designed to assist schools in meeting General Capabilities and also Cross Curriculum Outcomes. Combined with this, we are now delivering specific classroom-based work whilst on program to create a true outdoor classroom. By doing this, you are able to engage students who learn differently from the structured classroom environment.


  • A holistic approach, which combines curriculum with the individual student’s personal growth.
  • A system completely mapped out ready to be implemented to gain the best outcomes from the students.
  • Builds year on year with skills and abilities.
  • No repetition of activities to reduce student’s perception of boring camps.
  • Fully supported camps where teachers are fully engaged, by connecting with school-based work.

So what does a Sequential Program look like?

Year 7: Connections School Camp Program.

Year 7: Connections School Camp Program.

Year 7 students work through a 3-day centre-based program to develop positive relationships within self, peers, environments and adventure. Activities are specifically targeted to the theme ‘Connections’ where students are, by nature of the task, required to physically and emotionally rely on and support each other. The focus throughout the program works through appropriate behaviours and attitudes as they impact upon our vital connections day to day.

Year 8 Steps School Camp Program

Year 8: Steps School Camp Program.

Interdependence – we move along a continuum through the course of our lives, at one end ‘a state of dependence’ and at the other, ‘the state of independence’. Year 8 is a critical age of growth for students as they are facing a time of greater movement along the scale. Students gain increasing freedom from parents, staff, yet still require a certain level of support. Building on the connections created in Year 7, students work to develop a sense of place through critical thinking and further developing personal and social competence. In creating self awareness, we can allow students to develop a better sense of place and a foundation from which to ‘Step’ through a 3 day centre-based program with a one night campout.

Traffic Signal

Year 9: Decisions School Camp Program.

This 4 day camping program is based on the process coined by Murray Toft – ‘Traffic Light Decision Making’. This model encourages students to think deeply about the foundation on which their decisions are made. The traffic light model is a clear demonstration of aligning the thinking process with appropriate action. Its strength is found in slowing down the decision making process. Developing this thought process is vital for students in this age bracket as freedom in society and social outings all start to become apparent.

Year 10 Journeys & Values

Year 10: Journeys & Values School Camp Program.

This five day expedition journey style program is most suited to Year 10, building on skills they have developed in the 3 previous years having developed positive relationships, thinking strategies and self awareness. This program allows students to engage with the natural elements and work through real life consequences exploring different leadership models along the way. The journey is designed in such a way that each student is encouraged to lead themselves first and then the group.

Year 11 Six Hats School Camp Program:

Year 11: Six Hats School Camp Program.

This program engages students in a range of problem-solving activities exploring the ways in which they interact with those around them, how others perceive them, and taking the opportunity to practise leading themselves with this knowledge. Adapting the 6 hats of lateral thinking, the students will go through a process of identifying themselves with one of the 6 Hats (thinking style) and acknowledging that we all think and perceive situations differently.

Adventure Alternatives has developed a Whole School Sequential Camp Program which can be neatly dropped into any school to give a holistic approach to Outdoor Education and Schooling. The essence of the program is that it builds on the abilities of the individual from year to year, both from a physical and cognitive perspective.

Too many schools have a disjointed approach for school camp and don’t realise the detriment it has long term on the individual’s growth and appreciation of the use of the outdoors as a learning tool.

Whole School Sequential

“The Organisation is great, easy to work with and flexible in challenging situations” (Year 8, Fraser Coast Anglican College)

“Food was great. Great Organisation and Facilities”. (Year 7 Brisbane Boys College)

“Once again expectations have been exceeded. The impact on the large majority of girls has been very positive and hopefully long-lasting” (Year 9, Stuartholme School)

Whole School Sequential Outdoor Education Programming can change the life of your students… Contact Us to find out how affordable a Whole School Approach can be.

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