Accommodation for the Woodford Folk Festival

Do you want to stay close to the action but want a quiet place to sleep, a hot shower and a comfortable bed with a mattress to sleep on? Then we have the place for you!
We are right next door to the Woodford Folk Festival and have accommodation for 138 people. We are a 10 minute walk across the paddock to the festival. Park your car for the week and make the most of your convenient location and walk to the festival each day. This way you can drink and not have to worry about driving, finding your car in the car park and having to deal with traffic lines of both people and cars on busy days.
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This establishment is a purpose-built centre for school camps, however it can be your perfect backpacker hostel for the festival. Great if you are travelling overseas, interstate, or locally and don't want to bring all your camping gear!


9 unique eco-cabins provide bunk accommodation for up to 138 people.


Full commercial kitchen and large open plan undercover dining hall available for your use.


Female and male toilet and shower block. Cleaned and stocked twice a day

Our unique rustic cabin design uses a variety of reclaimed materials to build a structure that is both functional and kind on the earth's resources. Cabins consist of slatted timber deck floors, secondhand vinyl billboard walls, tin roof and solar lighting.

8 cabins consists of one large room with 8 bunk beds in each. There will be separate female, male, family and couple cabins or if you have a large enough group, a cabin just for your crew can be arranged. If you book for 10 or more people we will allocate a cabin for your crew exclusively. If your group make separate bookings but you want to bunk in together please let me know as part of your booking. Bookings are for a 2 night minimum. One of our cabins is split into 6 separate rooms which has one bunk bed in each (2 beds). This cabin has a common hall way and each room is divided by a sliding door which is not lockable. This is normally our teachers cabin and is referred to as the private room when making your booking. These rooms are available for a minimum of 6 night stay and booked as a 2 bed package. So whether you choose to book this room for just yourself, you and your partner or you and your child it is one price per room for a 6 night minimum.

  • comfortable bed with a mattress 
  • clean and dry cabin
  • Solar lighting
  • ability to bunk with friends or family

Full access to the commercial kitchen and walk in fridge together with a large open undercover dining hall for chilling out or escaping the heat or rain whatever weather the festival brings. A tea and coffee station will be stocked and ready for you to use 24 hours a day free of charge

  • Walk in fridge 
  • 6 burner stove top & oven
  • Microwave
  • 6 burner BBQ
  • Plates, bowls, cups, cutlery for everyone
  • Cooking pots, pans & utensils
  • Plenty of plastic tables & chairs
  • Recharge station for mobile phones
  • Free tea and coffee station

Warm shower guaranteed. Our wood-fired hot water boiler will be stocked each day to create plentiful hot water to wash your weary body after a long day at the festival. The canvas bag showers are easy to use and conserve water and energy. There are plenty of signs to help you have a perfect shower. The amenities block is cleaned and stocked twice a day for your comfort

How do you get to the festival from our place?

Here is a map to show you how close you are! For those of you who are familiar with the festival access is via the volunteers campground and Lois Lane entering the festival near Bill’s Bar. Only a 10 minute walk across the paddock and to the festival via the northern gate. Park your car for the week and make the most of your convenient location and walk to the festival each day.

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Do you want to stay with us?

Bookings Close 23rd December 2019 at 12pm

So we have your bed, shower, cooking facilities and tea and coffee available for you, all you need to bring is your pillow, linen, sleeping bag and food. So what does it cost to stay?


$40 per Adult per night with a minimum of 2 nights (Adult = 13+ years of age)


$20 per Child (12 years and under) per night with a minimum of 2 nights. Under 2 years old is free.

Private Room

$80 for 2 people per night with a minimum of 6 nights stay. For a partitioned room in our teachers cabin – one bunk bed in each room (2 beds).


Bookings Close 23rd December 2019 at 12pm

Have a question?

See our Frequently Asked Questions below


How to make a booking

All bookings are made online via this webpage. Go to the green section of the webpage above titled Book Your Accommodation Now! Here are some steps on how to complete the booking:
1. Click on the "Book Button" for the Type of Room you are after - General or Private
2. For General click on the "Book Button" for the type of ticket - Adult or Child
3. A Calendar will appear, click on the date which you would like to start your booking e.g. 26th December
3. Select the number of days you would like to stay for e.g. 4 days
4. Our booking system, Booking Bug will pop up and ask for your personal details, please fill in your details and click next
5. The system will then take you through your order page, payment details page and confirmation page. At the end it will say thank you and you all booked in.
I hope that this is of assistance. If you cannot see the book button on your device you may need to scroll sideways to see it. Thanks and we look forward to seeing your booking.

What do I need to bring?

We supply a bed and mattress. You need to bring all your own bedding such as a pillow, sheets, doona/sleeping bag.

We supply the kitchen, cold room and all your cooking equipment, cutlery and crockery. You need to bring your own food and drinks.

You will need to bring your own torch as we are in the country and there are no street lights to light the path to the festival from our place at night time. Mobile phones lights are ok but not great.

It is normally very hot during festival time with thunderstorms in the late afternoon and cool nights. You will need to bring summer clothes for the day, raincoat and/or umbrella for the afternoon and sometimes gumboots if it rains a lot and something warm for the cool late nights (jumper/long pants).

Do you have a minimum night stay?

Yes there is a 2 night minimum stay for the cabins and a 6 night minimum stay for the private room.

What is the bed configuration of the cabins?

We have 8 cabins which are a one large open room that have 8 bunk beds in each which sleep 16 people. 

We have 1 cabin which is split into 6 separate rooms with one bunk bed in each. Each room sleeps 2 people. There is a common hallway and each room is divided by a sliding door which is not lockable. There is a minimum 6 night stay for the private rooms and booked as a 2 bed package. 

The beds are not allocated so you may choose if you have a top or a bottom bunk. The cabins are not booked to capacity so there is always extra beds if you change your mind. 

Is there separate male, female, couples or family cabins?

Yes, we have male, female, couple and family cabins. At the time of booking please note your preference by answering the question asked. Families please note that you may share a cabin with another family group consisting of mums, dads and kids. Please note if you have young children that require cots you will need to bring your own.

What happens if I have a big group?

If you book for 10 or more people we will allocate a cabin exclusively for your group only. One person can make the booking or your group is welcome to book individually. If you are booking individually please note in the booking question who makes up your group and the name of their booking so that we can put you in the same cabin.

I want to stay with my friend but we have made separate bookings?

Email me at info@adventurealternatives.com.au advising me that you want to stay with your friend and the name their booking would have been made under and I will put you in the same cabin.

When can I arrive and leave?

We are open from 12 noon on Boxing Day 26th December 2019 and close 10am Thursday 2nd January 2020. 

We have a self registration check in so you can arrive at any time on the day of your booking. You will receive an armband on the day of your booking to show registration and must be worn at all times during your stay.

It is a 10am departure on your last day of your booking.

I know that some of you may be volunteers who would like to come earlier or later however this cannot be accommodated.

Why do I have to wear an armband for Registration?

On arrival we will supply you with an armband that you are required to wear on your arm or if you are a performer may be worn on your ankle.

The armband enables us and fellow campers to see that you belong to our camp. It also enables the Woodford Folk Festival Camp Wardens and Security who monitor the northern festival gate and Volunteer camping area that you are allowed to walk through this section (as negotiated by us with the Festival).

If you see anyone at our establishment that does not have an armband please notify our staff when at the centre or via text on 0412485582.

If you loose or damage your armband please inform our staff for a replacement when at the centre or via text on 0412485582.

Do I have to have my Festival ticket/armband before I arrive to stay?

Yes you must get your Festival ticket and armband before you arrive at our centre.  

This way you can park your car at our centre and walk directly to the Festival. You cannot walk to the Festival without your Festival armband and our registration armband.

Do I need to pay for parking or camping with my Folk Festival Ticket?

No, your ticket that you purchase with the Folk Festival does not need to include parking as you will park your car at our centre and walk to the festival each day. Your festival ticket also does not include camping as you will be paying for accommodation with us. If you are coming for the whole time you will need a Season Ticket. If you are coming for a couple of days you will need a Day/Evening Ticket.

How far is it to walk to the Festival?

It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk from our centre to the Folk Festival northern gate. The walk takes you through the Festival Volunteer Campground using Lois Lane and brings you into the festival near Bills Bar. The terrain is via a decomposed granite path and road when in the festival property while the path inside our property is open grassland. It does require low to medium fitness with Lois Lane being quite steep and not suitable for wheel chairs or crutches and the like.

Is there somewhere to lock up my valuables?

No sorry we do not have these facilities. We would recommend not bringing anything of significant value. Everybody will be in the same boat and we have never had any concerns in the past. Valuables could be locked in your car or the festival has lockers that you can rent.

What facilities do you have?

Accomodation Cabins with bunk beds and solar lights, Amenities Block with urinal, 4 male and 5 female toilets and 8 showers (4 each gender), Showers use a canvas shower bag with hot water provided via a donkey boiler.

Commercial kitchen with walk in cold room (no freezer), microwave, 6 burner cook top, oven, BBQ hotplate, all cooking equipment, cutlery, crockery,

20x15m Dining Hall with open walls, plastic tables and chairs, Free tea and coffee station, Free recharge station for phones and electrical devices in the Dining Hall. 

Please note there is no electrical power points in the cabins or the amenities block. This means that your hairdryer, hair straightener, electric shaver etc will need to work on batteries or will need to stay at home. For people who have sleep apnea machines that need power to their bed I am sorry but we do not have these facilities. 

We provide a basic accommodation experience similar to a youth hostel in the country with an environmental, farm focus.

What is the rules around noise and alcohol?

We ask all people staying with us to be mindful of others and keep noise to a minimum at all times of the day. This is especially applied after 9pm. We ask that you keep your partying to the Festival and use our place as the chill out space.

With regards to alcohol, you are welcome to drink at the centre however we ask that you do it responsibly. You have paid a lot of money to attend the festival the last thing you want is to miss it because you can't make the walk or you can't remember it.

If there are any concerns regarding poor behaviour please advise our Camp Warden at the time of the incident or at the next appropriate time.  

How do I get there if I don't have a car?

If you do not have a car please check out the Woodford Folk Festival website for the transport options available. The Festival bus will bring you to their front entry gate where you can get your Festival ticket/armband. 

Our Camp Warden can come and pick you up from the Festival front gate bus stop and drop you back on your departure. This service is only available at 8 to 9am and 2 to 3pm 26th December to 2nd January. This must be booked 2 weeks prior to attending by emailing info@adventurealternatives.com.au. If your arrival is outside of these times you can always store your luggage in the Festival lockers, enjoy the festival and come back out to make the pick up.

Do not walk from the Festival Front Gate to our place along the road. It is a narrow country road with no footpath and it will upset our neighbours. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We will provide a full refund if a cancellation is made 2 weeks prior to the Festival start date. That is, if a cancellation is made prior to the 12th December a full refund will be provided. If it is after this date all funds will be retained. Cancellations and refunds can be made by request via email at info@adventurealternatives.com.au

Can I bring my Caravan, Camper Trailer or Van and stay in it for a reduced rate?

No sorry you may not stay in your Caravan, camper trailer, van or tent. We do not want to be in direct competition with the Woodford Folk Festival for camping. If you want to camp you are best to stay at the Folk Festival or try the commercial campgrounds in Woodford being: Running Creek Parklands http://www.runningcreek.net.au/ or Bushy Brown's Waterski park http://www.waterskilake.com.au/?m=1 

0412 485 582