At Adventure Alternatives we are proud of our clients. When new clients first come to our program they are struggling to find a camp that has purpose with real educational outcomes. They are frustrated that students are treated as a number and are not all actively participating, engaged or facilitated to reach their best potential. They are overwhelmed by the amount of down time and work they still have to do to run a camp. 

Our Clients are passionate about outdoor education but their past programs do not match the schools image and ideals. Our clients are all trusted, creditable and prestigious schools and when they partner with Adventure Alternatives they can see how outdoor education can be used as a tool for students to accelerate their learning, for teachers to create authentic connections with their students and for the school to use camp as a unique marketing feature to gain new families. This creates the types of results you see below.

Iona College - Multiple Year Levels

Adventure Alternatives provides Iona College with their Year 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Outdoor Education programs. With up to 240 boys in each year level we use a combination of Iona College’s and Adventure Alternatives two Outdoor Education Centres for different experiences across the year levels.  Progressive program styles of centre-based to expedition builds year on year and program themes progress different concepts, thinking skills, developing culture and community.

Carmel Moynihan, Year 9 Camp
Iona College

"My instructor was thorough, clear with instructions and management details, and knowledgeable. He has a great manner with our boys. He had a great rapport with them, he relates really well in terms of understanding, being consistent, with a quiet but firm manner. The boys really respected him. I’ve really enjoyed our program. The facilities, activities, friendliness of whole staff, good food, clear communication - have all been fantastic. Thank you."

St Johns Anglican College - Rite Journey

Adventure Alternatives provides several schools with their Year 9 Rite Journey (Rights of Passage) Camps, one of them being St Johns Anglican College. Students work through a program designed to build their confidence and connection with nature. From cabins, too remote campsites to 24 hour solo, students flex their resilience in a safe and rewarding atmosphere for reflection. 

Kirsten Zweck, Year 9 Teacher
Immanuel Lutheran College

"Thanks to my instructor for a wonderful camp. Her final session with the girls led to some insightful comments from the girls which were a tribute to the trust and space that she developed with the group. I was really encouraged that the girls reflected deeply on the Solo today and with much more appreciation of that experience. It was good to have an opportunity to say more and a space to do this more deeply. I also really appreciated how my instructor and I were able to work together with the girls and that our goals for the rite journey aligned so well with the camp goals. 

Make sure that the Director sees the card that the girls wrote to you!!

Our instructor was a very easy person to work with. She was professional at all times. Thank You! It’s always a pleasure to have a week away with Adventure Alternatives."

Mt Alvernia College - Year 7, 8 & 9 Camps - Middle School Sequential Programming

Adventure Alternatives has been working with Mount Alvernia College since 2010 and since 2016 has been providing their girls Year 7, 8 & 9 camps.

Tamara Richardson, Year 9 Teacher
Mt Alvernia College

"The camp is extremely well run, to the extent that staff from Mt Alvernia were able to relax & take comfort knowing the camp instructors were in control. Extremely high standard: Communication, Organisation, Professional approach, Caring, Approachable, & Friendly."

St Aidan's Anglican Girls School - Building Long Term Relationships

We have been working with St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School since 2007 providing their 5 day Year 9 Expedition Camp. Over the years we have grown to provide 3 of their Year level Camps being 7, 8 & 9. We maintain strong relationships with our clients by listening to their needs and making incremental improvements to program design to further maximise students success.

Year 9 Coordinator
St Aidan's Anglican Girls School

"Just arrived at work on this rainy day to find a lovely surprise on my desk – the camp photos and video. You have missed your calling – the video is fantastic, love the song! ( it’s one of my favourites – and so connected to the whole camp!) You have saved me hours and hours of work – and for that, I’m eternally grateful. Cannot wait to share with the girls and our Deputy Principal. Have received a stack of positive emails from parents – so that’s always a great testimony to a successful event. They generally have to be REALLY happy to give any credit! So well done!"

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