Since 2000, Adventure Alternatives has worked with tens of thousands of middle and senior students from schools across south-east Queensland. Among these schools, we see a large proportion of Deputy Principals, Year level Coordinators and Teachers who struggle every day with significant challenges.

Many are tired and frustrated by the relentless demands of their busy workload at school and co-curricular activities. It becomes difficult to escape the day to day grind and plan ahead to evaluate the direction and purpose of the work itself.


Others feel overwhelmed by the pace of change that’s sweeping the curriculum – and seek autonomy for decisions on how to respond to it. And many feel unsupported and under valued by students, parents and colleagues, with the worries and responsibilities falling solely on their weary shoulders.


It’s a troubling cocktail. And if it sounds familiar –you’re in the thick of it – it’s incredibly hard to see a way forward. But there is an answer. And it’s called Adventure Alternatives.


Make A Positive Change

Adventure Alternatives is a leading, quality provider of Outdoor Education Programs for schools that gives you greater credibility, boosts your schools image and fosters curriculum links – plus provides a community who cares for your students achievements.

When you make a positive change in one area of your school, the spillover effect it has in other parts of your school is amazing.

Education, Not Entertainment

Schools who get on board with Adventure Alternatives quickly take control of an avenue of lost learning. Something shifts and camp now becomes an opportunity for education and not entertainment, connecting with the National Curriculum as well as sequential learning. And it will for you too.


You’ll refuel your vitality and enthusiasm for making authentic connections with your students. You’ll also gain a bigger and bolder picture of what you can achieve in addressing the National Curriculum on camp – and beyond.


Feel Inspired

You’ll be surrounded by a like-minded, positive community of fellow professionals that value the true ethos of Outdoor Education. You’ll feel inspired again and enjoy an empowering forum where you can feel supported and valued. 

But there’s so much more than this...

See What Others Have Said

Sprinkled among these pages you’ll read the success stories of many other schools. By tapping into the amazing resources on offer as part of our service delivery pre, during and post camp, they’ve each achieved astounding success for themselves personally, for their students, their teachers and long-term back at school.


Success in the Classroom starts in the Outdoors!

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We Had A Dream!

In 1998 we had a Dream! A dream which was bold, different and unheard of for private individuals. Our dream was to build, not buy, a facility which was at it’s very core to educate. A facility that at its very being was to inspire participants to learn and grow. We do this by way of personal development through experiential, adventure-based school outdoor education programs in the natural environment. Our education centre and a business focuses on Education, Striving for Excellence and Showcasing Sustainability.

                                          Award Winning Camp Provider                                                 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards

FINALIST 2018 Young Achiever Award

2018 QLD Awards recognised Alana Scott our Program Coordinator for her individual efforts and achievements to the outdoor sector.  

WINNER 2017 Outdoor Places and Spaces Award

2017 QLD Awards recognises our Kenilworth Campus as an outstanding outdoor recreation venue.

WINNER 2016 & 2012 Outstanding Achievement (Organisation) Award

2016 and in 2012 QLD Awards recognises Adventure Alternatives in significantly improving outdoor recreation outcomes for participants and clients and for our excellence in contribution to the outdoor industry.

WINNER of the 2011 and FINALIST of the 2012 & 2013 Environmental Award Achiever Award

2013, 2012 & 2011 QLD Awards recognises Adventure Alternatives for our proactive efforts to demonstrate, educate and promote sustainable outdoor recreation to a high standard.

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