Theme: Traffic Light Decision Making

This program is based on the process, coined by Murray Toft of the Canadian Calgary University, “Traffic Light Decision Making”. This model encourages students to think deeply about the foundation on which their decisions are made. The traffic light model is a clear demonstration of aligning the thinking process with appropriate action. Its strength is found in slowing down the decision-making process. Developing this thought process is vital for students in this age bracket as freedom in society and social outings all start to become apparent.

An example of this process in practice is a hiking activity where this model is adopted. Students may travel along a wide path and identify sections which are flat, clear of snakes and therefore safe and note: “if it’s green, let’s get keen.” As the terrain gets hilly and rocky, students learn that their actions, speed and/or technique may need to be modified to avoid injury: “if it’s yellow, let’s get mellow.” Where real danger might appear on steep or rugged terrain, students learn: “if it’s red, I could be dead.” The traffic light thinking process enhances the natural thought process and encourages students to take responsibility for personal outcomes. In terms of self- management, students can recognise and observe risk in environments, relationships, groups and in their surrounds.

The Year 9 program allows the students to participate in a variety of new activities, requiring them to explore natural environments, and engaging them in a new-found responsibility for each other’s safety and their own.

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Year 9 Camp Aims

  • Enhance thinking processes.
  • Observe risk in environments, relationships, groups and in their surrounds. Engage students to take responsibility for self and others.
  • Align thinking processes with appropriate actions.

General Capabilities

National Curriculum Links

Adventure Alternatives has mapped the Subjects, Strands and Content Descriptions as outlined in the National Curriculum as they apply to the theme, aims and activities for our Year 9 Camp Program. How these relate on the ground is provided in our Elaboration in our Staff Manual and the delivery of briefing and debriefing of activities by our instructors. 

A detailed outline of what these are is provided in your camp proposal. Our elaborations are supplied as part of our booking process.

We care about you, your students and the positive impact camp can have on your school community. So how do we show you that we care, by effectively using 5 key aspects to successful camp design:

  1. Connection to the National Curriculum to accelerate learning
  2. Sequential Camp Programming to create a safe uplifting environment
  3. Small group ratios & Same Instructor for the duration of camp to maximise student success
  4. Long activity times to amplify learning
  5. 100% exclusive use to build community
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Our Service To You

6 specific ingredients of how we can make your life easier!

  1. Personalised Camp Webpage because communication if paramount
  2. Camp Presentation for your School to inspire attendance
  3. Online Permission & Medical Forms for less stress and ease
  4. Seamless Camp Group generation to save you time
  5. Camp Survey results in 48 hours guaranteed to measure success
  6. Camp Photos to capture the memories & great for your school marketing
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