Why Adventure Alternatives?

Our aim at Adventure Alternatives is to inspire individuals to drive their own learning, to challenge their concept of the norm, their comfort zone, their beliefs of other’s and their own ability. We want individuals to explore, discover the marvel at the environment we adventure in and find comfort in the unknown.

We do this through Outdoor Education, a platform which allows individuals to explore and discover aspects of their personal development through adventure based activities in a natural environment.

These experiences are delivered in a manner which best matches the needs of the individual groups with carefully sequenced age appropriate activities. During these experiences they will be exposed to an array of experiential adventure based activities which will push their comfort zone, will make them laugh… and cry, will challenge their resilience and will encourage their independence and interdependence.

Award Winning Organisation

Winner 2012 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation – Outstanding Organisation
Winner 2011 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation – Environmental Award

We make a Difference.

Experiential learning techniques, diverse learning environments and structured, sequential program

ensure a scaffolding approach to student learning.